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Beats By Dre Studio Green Jade Headphones

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  • Model: Beats-00154
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    Editors' Notes & Details

    With advanced speaker design and power isolation technology,cheap dre beats can better use of power energy, to further improvethe low-frequency sense of power. In addition, specially designedCheap beats by dre headphones for the higher levelof comfort and hearing to provide additional space, comfortable,breathable cushion to further reduce sweating, so you can enjoymusic in a cool feeling.


    Active noise reduction headphones Monster

    Monster Beats Studio recording engineerheadphones with active noise reduction technology, and outsidenoise by issuing the same amount but opposite phase sound waves,the noise in and can effectively reduce outside noise interference,static enjoy the wonderful music details , while reducing thevolume to protect your hearing.

    A comfortable head frame design

    Monster Beats Pro recording engineerheadset using the traditional head frame design, wide head beam andthick sponge effectively reduce the pressure when the user to wearmore fitting contours of your face, wear more comfortable touse.

    Scratch-resistant mirror design

    Monster Beats Solo recording engineer headsetuses scratch-resistant smooth mirror design, excellent surfacecraft addictive.

    Large the unit large Amplifier perfect sound performanceMonster

    Monster Beats Studio recording engineer headset is equipped witha specially developed acoustic Dr. Dr.Dre Equalizer technology,perfect sound performance, especially for Rock, POP, Hip Hop and R& B music.

    The sound of classic American

    Monster Beats Studio recording engineer headphones bring you theclassic style of American sound: strong bass, fast dynamicresponse, perfect vocal front, the scene a sense of real natural.Suitable interpretation of the passionate music.

    The Monster fever, wire-for-line design

    Monster Beats Studio recording engineer headset comes standardwith the Monster of 4 winding Quadripole patented technology feverwire and can change line design to minimize the loss of sound hull,to achieve the highest quality sound balance, clarity andresolution. Can also be more user demand further replacementupgrade wire.

    3.5 mm plug compatible with iPhone

    Universal 3.5mm headphone jack, Monster Beats Studio recordingengineer headset comes iSonitalk headphone cable, integratedresponse buttons and MIC can enjoy music at the same time receivecalls.

    Foldable design

    Comes with storage box Monster Monster Beats Studio recordingengineer headset with foldable design, with the included storagebox, user-friendly portable.

    AAA batteries

    Monster Beats Studio recording engineer headset uses AAAbatteries for the active noise reduction system of electronicequipment power supply, common AAA battery easily be added at anytime to be replaced, so no interference of wonderful music alwaysaccompany you.