Changing SCR parameters in the ECU file configurations

The most broadly perceived troubles all over town for truck drivers realized by SCR or DPF system dissatisfactions. In the two cases, the vehicle will be difficult to drive in view of limp mode activated by central ECU of the engine. Limp mode distinguishably diminishes engine ability to shield the earth from possible particularly polluted exhaust gasses regardless, when the engine is prepared for working suitably.

As the ride with a truck is for all intents and purposes unfathomable when it has imperfect SCR or DPF structure, it can cause basic cerebral agonies for a driver. Fix cost for any of these systems has a huge cost tag especially in case you need this fix as fast as could reasonably be expected

In some northern zones of Europe and Russia, condition temperatures can be low as – 40°C. These ultra-low temperatures are way past the purpose of cementing (will freeze if its temperature falls underneath – 11°C) of diesel vapor fluid (DEF). Mixing hardened diesel exhaust fluid to the SCR chamber is limitless. Furthermore, it will hurt the DEF siphon, and whole SCR structure will be broken.

Likewise, we need to make reference to that there are a lot of countries outside the EU which don’t require EURO 6, EURO 5 or even EURO 4 standard consistence and those staggering and fragile SCR or DPF structures.

So what to do if you need a helpful arrangement of your imperfect SCR structure, or you have to disable SCR system forever and put aside a lot of money? Taking everything into account, there are three distinct ways:

You can leave your truck in the workshop for the all out system fix (we recommend it if your truck commonly used in the European Affiliation). It will cost you a lot, yet your vehicle will satisfy the vital EURO rule.

You can debilitate the SCR system by reproducing an ECU. We don’t suggest this strategy. For sure, it is exceptionally clear for a cultivated capable, yet it will cost you to bring back the SCR system back if you change your point of view. Reexamining will evaporate after every firmware update if you redesign the result of your vehicle. Moreover, it could bring some damnation up if you decide to sell the truck with its altered programming.

Finally, you can pick the most direct, humble and notable way – present the AdBlue Emulator. It is secured to use, easy to present whether or not you don’t have explicit data in vehicle equipment or extraordinary devices, and you can turn it off or uninstall absolutely at whatever point you need in a matter of a couple of moments. You can trade it in case you needn’t waste time with it any more (endeavor this with ECU reproducing).

Claimed AdBlue Emulator is a contraption that is expected to supplant controls of the primary prepared Specific Reactant Decline (SCR) structure. AdBlue emulators are of different sorts, changed in accordance with the particular truck or engine models. Such contraption presented on the ideal vehicle accepts accountability for whole SCR system and its sections. It emulates genuine work of the Particular Synergist Reduction structure on the CAN/OBD level. When presented it keeps SCR structure lethargic, and all the while, it sends significant data to the central ECU to keep up a vital good ways from limp mode. There are no bumbles on OBD system since AdBlue emulator impersonates all limits and data. No loss of engine power, no extended smoke from the vapor system, no DTC bungles on OBD structure and zero use of DEF, and if your truck engine works fine there is no more tainting than anticipated. Latest AdBlue emulator models are prepared for supplanting exhaust temperature and NOx sensors for full helpfulness

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