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Depending on the strength of the cards on the table, each player can use one pocket card and 4 community cards, both pocket cards and 3 community cards or, generally, none of the pocket cards, but only general table cards. General table cards are used only for making combinations. None of the players can pick them up, but at the same time, for example, 3 players can use the same community card.

For example. The distribution turned out to be 3 players with 먹튀검증업체 the same cards. Imagine that Player 1 has card-qxcard-kx, Player 2 has  card-qccard-kc, and Player 3 has  card-qdcard-kh. Community Cards card-qhcard-kdcard-6-ccard-jhcard-4-x. Thus, each of the players will take community cards card-qhcard-kd, thereby making the same combinations – two pairs : kings and queens (more about the combinations will be written a bit later in this article).

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The winner is the one whose combination of five cards turns out to be the best, or the one who can “knock out” other players from the game using bets and will be left alone at the showdown. After the completion of each deal, all players discard cards and they are shuffled, that is, each deal begins with the hand of new cards.

Texas Hold’em rules are as follows:

Two players to the left of the dealer place blinds: the small blind and the big blind.

Each player receives 2 cards face down;

Followed by a round of betting (preflop);

On the table in front of all players are three community cards in the open (flop cards);

A betting circle (flop) follows;

On the table is placed one more community card in the open (turn card);

Follows a circle of trade (turn).

On the table is placed the last community card in the open (river card). Thus, 5 community cards face down on the table.

The last betting round (river) follows

If, according to the results of trading on the river, more than one person is left in the game, then a showdown (showdown) follows. Players must use any of their two cards in their hands and 5 common cards to make 5-card combinations. The player with the strongest combination takes the pot.

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